#71 crew quotes after qualifying

#71 crew quotes after qualifying

Gotemba | 5 October 2019

The fourth place claimed by the #71 488 GTE crew in the qualifying session explained by the protagonists themselves, Davide Rigon and Miguel Molina.

Davide Rigon: “It’s a pity that my fastest lap, made on my fourth lap, was cancelled because I don’t think I exceeded the track limits, but we didn’t object because the position would not have changed in the end. I am happy with the set-up that we were able to find because in free practice we were having quite a bit of difficulty. Precisely for that reason, we thought we were further behind in qualifying, so we adopted a more conservative approach, aimed at the race, not attacking and trying to save a set of tyres. In the end we are not too far from the front-runners, we start from a good position and we can rely on an interesting race pace. Rain will play a decisive role on the final result, but we remain positive and confident to reshuffle the standings.”

Miguel Molina: “Qualifying went better than we had expected because yesterday we did not have a satisfactory set-up and therefore we thought we were less competitive. Today we recovered our performance and we are closer to the front-runners, so we are happy about that. We made a brave choice of tyres, saving a set, so we hope not to see things thwarted by the rain.”