19-21 June
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Am Motodrom, 68766 Hockenheim, Germany


+49 6205 9500

4574 m
In 2002, the Hockenheim circuit was radically restructured, completely changing its appearance. Little is left of the old high-speed track through the woods, with its long straights. Even though the design has changed, the track still puts a car's braking system to the test. The circuit has second- and third-gear turns, a hairpin to take in first and a couple more turns before the Motodrome, which remains unchanged. The German circuit starts with the Nordkurve, a very demanding right-hand corner, where many accidents occur, especially at the start. If you exit this bend well, you can gain speed for the stretch leading to a very abrupt deceleration, to be tackled in second gear. From this point, the Parabolika, a long left turn, begins. You take this at full speed almost like a straight. It ends with a sharp hairpin bend to the right. Exiting this bend you enter a short stretch that takes you into the mixed part of the track that ends with a right third-gear turn. It is here that drivers find the 'old' Hockenheim, rounding a turn that leads to the impressive Motodrom. In this section, you need to drive smoothly and be at your best, especially on the Sachskurve, one of the most technical parts of the track. After a fast left-right and a sharper right turn, the drivers enter the Sudkurve, the last right turn of the entire track.