Laguna Seca

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24-26 July
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1021 Monterey Salinas Hwy, Salinas, CA 93908, US


+1 831-242-8201

3610 m
Best Lap
R. Chouest - 2018
Laguna Seca
The Laguna Seca circuit sits on the arid hills behind the beautiful Monterey Bay on the Californian Pacific coast. The track, therefore, is known for its numerous ups and downs and the famous 137-metre Corkscrew, which involves a climb of 18 metres in the middle of a challenging left-right. After the slope on the finishing straight (actually broken by a semi-curve to the left) you descend towards the first turn, the Andretti hairpin, which leads to the mixed part of the track, formed by two slow right curves and one to the left.Once out of the latter you start to climb, entering the most exciting part of the circuit: a fast curve leads to the Rahal straight, characterised by a couple of bumps that catapult the drivers towards the famous Corkscrew, where they have to brake well before they see the curve, 'sensing' the entrance. After accelerating they hit the challenging Rainey Curve, a fast left turn, along a descent that makes it rather tricky to set themselves up for the next turn. The lap ends with a very slow hairpin bend that takes them back to the finish line.