19-20 September
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Towcester NN12 8TN, UK


+44 844 375 0740

5891 m
Silverstone was for many years considered a temple of speed because of its very fast lap averages, at least until the introduction of the design changes that slowed it down considerably.Indeed, since the early nineties, a lot of work has gone into driver safety, which has ended up altering the track a little in many points. The current circuit is medium-speed, without the wide curves that distinguished the old Silverstone, although there are some stretches where drivers can make a difference, like Maggots and Becketts. Technically, the track remains very demanding, especially due to its wide variety of curves and speeds. The Stowe corner, for example, thoroughly tests both a car's mechanics and the skills of its driver, who can use this right bend to attempt to pass the cars in front.Driving skill is also at a premium at other points, such as Club Corner, best taken while accelerating using the whole track, and the Bridge, a blind right turn that leads into the 'Complex', the mixed and slow section modified after 1994 on the advice of Damon Hill. The most recent work was in 2010 when the track was lengthened by 760 metres with the starting straight moved to between Club and Abbey.