18-20 September
Challenge Asia Pacific
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Marina Bay, Singapore


+65 6738 6738

5063 m
Best Lap
R.Hutasoit - 2018
The Singapore circuit, also called the Marina Bay Street Circuit, is a non-permanent city track that has hosted the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix since 2008. The 5.063 km-long track offers breathtaking scenery with the skyline of the Lion City as a natural backdrop.From a technical point of view, the Marina Bay circuit is driven anticlockwise and has a rather low average lap time despite sections where the top speed reaches 300 km/h. Slow, winding and with the walls very close together, it allows little room for driving errors. However, they are always possible due to the low grip asphalt and the stress to which the braking system is subjected. The layout of the track, with its 15 braking points, means that you spend about a quarter of your lap time on the brakes. The temperature of the friction material is not the only parameter you need to keep an eye on, given that the engine risks overheating due to the high temperatures and humidity. There are two points where drivers can make a difference: the first corner, one of the key points at the start, and turn 5, which if handled well allows you to attack an opponent on the next straight.