Snetterton 300

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17-19 April
Challenge UK
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Norwich NR16 2JU, UK


+44 1953 887303

4779 m
Used as a Royal Air Force base during the Second World War, the Snetterton circuit offers a choice of configurations, the longest of which, called 300, measures 4779 metres. It is a highly demanding track for the drivers but also fun to tackle, with challenging corners alternating with straights and stretches. We can see all this from the first corner, the Riches, high-speed and with a double apex, or the Hamilton, a treacherous left turn where drivers are prone to make mistakes or, again, the Brundle and the Nelson, where you have to brake when cornering. If that wasn't enough, the drivers have to deal with the Bomb Hole and its unusual camber, before finishing with Corum and Murrays, the most difficult turns of the entire track.