Ferrari - F1 Clienti 2017
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Since 2003 the F1 Clienti programme has permitted a small group of people to buy F1 cars and has enabled those who bought them earlier use them to the fullest. Corse Clienti makes the car’s owner feel like a real Scuderia Ferrari driver. Owners don’t have to worry about anything except putting on their gloves and helmet, driving and have fun, Corse Clienti does the rest.

During the events the driver has exceptional tutors available: drivers like Marc Gené, Olivier Beretta, Davide Rigon and Andrea Bertolini reveal all the secrets of the single-seater and help make an already unique experience even better.

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06 March - 08 March
12 March - 13 March
21 July - 22 July
New event 28 August - 30 August
New date 11 September - 13 September
26 September - 27 September
New location 05 November - 08 November