In this section you can find the race timing monitor just like at Daytona. Follow live all the rankings, times and intermediates of each practice session, qualifying and race.
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Ferrari - Finali Mondiali 2016 - F1 Clienti
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Who has never dreamed of driving a Formula 1 car? For some very special Ferrari customers this dream has come true. Since 2003 the F1 Clienti department has allowed a small group of people to buy F1 cars and has enabled those who bought them earlier to use them to the full. Of course Ferrari holds off for two years before selling a single-seater to stop the car’s technological and mechanical equipment from falling into the hands of its Formula 1 rivals. In this case too Corse Clienti makes the owner of the car feel like an official Scuderia Ferrari driver. They don’t have to worry about anything except driving and fun, Corse Clienti does the rest. The car can be left for safekeeping at Maranello, where a group of experienced Formula 1 technicians and mechanics takes detailed care of maintenance. The customer attends a series of events directly organised by Ferrari where he can enjoy the pleasure of lapping prestigious tracks plus the excitement of seeing the public rise to their feet in the stands as he whizzes by.
Some exceptional tutors, like Ferrari test driver Marc Gené, is available to customers during the events. These experts will reveal all the secrets of the single-seater and help make an already unique experience even better. The pair will be available to the gentlemen drivers to help them perfect their set-up and get a feel for the starting procedures. The rest is pure pleasure for these special drivers who have the opportunity to enjoy the incredible cornering speeds and accelerate in the straight up to the car’s top speed of 330 km/h.
The owners can also request Corse Clienti to deliver the car to a particular track. The technical team of engineers and technicians will provide it to them wherever they would like. It is also possible to book a full day with the tutor for anyone wanting to improve their knowledge of the car, learn the details of setting up and improve their analysis of the data provided by the telemetry system.