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Scuderia Ferrari Show - Finali Mondiali 2016


The Formula 1 team at the Daytona International Speedway for the first time

It is the most anticipated events of the entire Finali Mondiali weekend: the exhibition featuring the Formula 1 Scuderia Ferrari will take to the track for the first time on the most famous tri-oval in the world. The Scuderia Ferrari has been in Formula 1 since 1950, the first year of the world championship. It has competed in 924 Grand Prix, winning 224 of them, and its trophy case displays 16 manufacturers' titles and 15 drivers' titles, a haul that makes the Scuderia the winningest team in the history of this sport.

However, linking the importance of Ferrari in Formula 1 only to figures would be oversimplifying: the Scuderia is, to all effects, the greatest ambassador of the sport, which Ferrari brings to the front even far from the counties that usually host its events. Each year, the Maranello team performs several street demos, through which it brings the single-seaters close to the public, much more than is done on the track during a championship weekend.

At Daytona too the cars of the Scuderia will put on a display, with thrilling rubber-burning starts, lightning-fast accelerations, and spectacular pit top demonstrations by the Scuderia's phenomenal mechanics. All of this will have the audience on their feet. In addition, there will be the show of the track with its thrilling parabolic turns which will provide additional excitement to drivers and spectators.