Carroll wins Trofeo Pirelli while Tabacchi triumphs in Trofeo Pirelli Am
Carroll wins Trofeo Pirelli while Tabacchi triumphs in Trofeo Pirelli Am

Finali Mondiali

Carroll wins Trofeo Pirelli while Tabacchi triumphs in Trofeo Pirelli Am

27 October 2019

Adam Carroll and Emanuele Maria Tabacchi are the names of the two latest champions to emerge from the title-settling Ferrari Finali Mondiali races held in Mugello. 23 drivers lined up in the race that combined the components from the two classes.


Trofeo Pirelli.

It was Adam Carroll (Ferrari Budapest) who laid claim to the world championship title in Trofeo Pirelli, who, over the two deciding races of the Ferrari Challenge Europe, had shown himself to be decidedly at ease around the curves of the Mugello circuit. The English driver showed stiff resolve to fend off early assaults from Niccolò Schirò (Rossocorsa) and attacks from Bjorn Grossmann (Octane 126) in the concluding laps, who had in the meantime overtaken the Italian. Carroll, keeping a cool head, continued to lap at his own pace to subsequently take the world title home, wrapping up the race ahead of Grossmann and Schirò.

Fabienne Wohlwend (Octane 16) finished behind the Italian in fourth place, ahead of Thomas Neubauer (Charles Pozzi – Courage) and Louis Prette (Formula Racing); the latter falling out of contention for top honours and losing ground after an error forced him off-track halfway through the race. Rounding out the finishing order were Chris Froggatt (HR Owen), Marco Muzzo (Ferrari of Ontario) and Ross Chouest (Ferrari of Palm Beach).


Trofeo Pirelli Am.

An extraordinary race in Trofeo Pirelli Am for Emanuele Maria Tabacchi (Rossocorsa), who after a troubled start, staged a fine comeback to win the world title. The Italian driver, had, in fact, dropped numerous positions as a result of contact with John Megrue (Ferrari of Long Island), leaving Matus Vyboh (Scuderia Praha) to command the course, followed by Tommaso Rocca (Rossocorsa), Go Max (M Auto Hiroshima) and Noborushi Imada (Rosso Scuderia).

Tabacchi, showing great character, clawed his way back, picking off opponents one by one, to take the unfurled chequered flag in first place. He climbed atop the world champions’ podium flanked by Vyboh (second) and Rocca (third). In fourth place was Imada who preceded Frederik Espersen (Forza Racing), Christian Overgaard (Forza Racing) and Philippe Prette (Blackbird Concessionaires HK), who fell out of championship contention due to a few minor inconsistencies.